A tale of four cities: exploring the soul of State College, Detroit, Milledgeville and Biloxi


Can data help us explore and expose the soul of the community? This was the challenge posed by the 2013 Data Exposition. The Knight Foundation, in cooperation with Gallup, furnished data from 43,000 people over 3 years (2008–2010) in 26 communities, which we explored in an effort to discover variables associated with community attachment. Our analysis focused on four cities that stood out after our initial exploration of the data set: State College, PA; Detroit, MI; Milledgeville, GA; and Biloxi, MS. We present our use of survey-weighted binned scatterplots to graphically explore the association between an individual’s community attachment and perceived economic outlook. Additionally, we present a few other analyses we found interesting during our initial exploration which we view as a collection of "short stories".

Computational Statistics